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Navigating RMWA: a website walkthrough *Updated*

January 9, 2020

The RMWA website has a LOT to offer to wildlife professionals and a number of great resources available. There's the Member Center, Podcasts (for professionals on the go), handouts and printables, and of course, the blog page, just to name a few. This particular blog post will walk you through all the different parts of the website and help you to find and take full advantage of all that the website has to offer!


Please feel free to use this post as a resource to help find particular items and as a way to keep up with changes in the website as they happen (blog post will be updated as changes are made to the website).


***Please be patient with us as we transition into merging platforms with Nature's Educators. Some of this information may be changing or outdated. Stay tuned for updates!***



     Main area to navigate to other areas of the site.  


     This page has the following links at the top:    

                    --- About
                    --- People

                    --- Professionals 

                    --- Wildlife

                    --- How to Help
                    --- Contact

                    --- Blog




     The home page also includes the following near the bottom:

                    --- List of Scheduled Events!
                                    * At the bottom of the Home page, this is where you can see dates,
                                     times, and descriptions of future events coming up and register for

                    --- General Resources
                                     * This section can be found at the bottom and holds a plethora of
                                        links to things such as wildlife organizations and info, contact
                                        information, licensing and useful tools or links on how to help the

    This section gives us a history of RMWA, how it started, the Alliance's vision and mission, as well as information on our founder and all the wonderful people involved & a comprehensive list of supporters that make this Alliance dream a reality.





      The "For People" page is aimed towards the general public for educational outreach and serves as a place they can go to learn about our variety of educational programs and how to schedule them. 





      This portal is aimed at any wildlife professional in the field that wants to learn more or be more involved. There is a resource center that leads them to links for member resources, printer-friendly handouts, podcasts, as well as a lot of the stuff found in the General Resources section of the Home page. There is also a section in the works for kicking off our online learning center that is coming soon! Keep an eye on this!





      As we get into the swing of things with our new wildlife rehabilitation side, this page informs visitors about what to do, who to call, and where to go when they have found wildlife in need of help. There are also some useful hints/tips on what to look for and when to know that an animal needs your help.




How to Help:


      The "How to Help" page gives visitors resources on how to donate to the Alliance, how to join as a member, as well as links for volunteering and even a wish list of things that are always needed if someone is looking to help out through donating items. 




Page stating contact phone number, address, and email for RMWA as well as social media links and a fillable form to get in touch with RMWA.




Our home portal to see all of our great information-packed blogs! (Such as this one!)





      * Links to some well-known local and international wildlife organizations, as well as informative links on various topics can be found at the bottom of the Home and Resource pages. These links include things such as:


  - ZAHP Fusion Center

The Zoo and Aquarium All Hazards Preparedness, Response, and Recovery (ZAHP) Fusion Center, currently in its second year, was created to serve as a conduit between the emergency management sector and the greater managed wildlife community. Funded by USDA and operated by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), the ZAHP Fusion Center works with key players in emergency management across the country to connect the managed wildlife community with information on the five critical National Preparedness mission areas: Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery. From <https://www.aza.org/zahp>


- Merck Manual

A free resource for thousands of topics in all fields of veterinary medicine. Includes things from articles, to videos, to interactive quizzes and cases developed and published by the MVM editorial board in collaboration with veterinary experts from around the world. Mainly geared towards domesticated animals but covers a wide scope of topics. 

- CDC website
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Covers breakout news, research updates, and advice on dealing with various infections and diseases as well as a variety of other information/resources.



- US Fish & Wildlife Services
Under "Licensing Information", this links to a homepage of all permits and application forms USFWS provides.

- Migratory Bird Rehabilitation Permit
Under "Licensing Information", this links to the actual PDF application via US Fish & Wildlife Services.





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