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Navigating RMWA: a website walkthrough

November 2, 2018

The RMWA website has a LOT to offer to wildlife professionals and a number of great resources available. There's the Member Center, Podcasts (for professionals on the go), handouts and printables, and of course, the blog page, just to name a few. This particular blog post will walk you through all the different parts of the website and help you to find and take full advantage of all that the website has to offer!


Please feel free to use this post as a resource to help find particular items and as a way to keep up with changes in the website as they happen (blog post will be updated as changes are made to the website).





     Main area to navigate to other areas of the site.

     This page leads to all of the following:    

                            --- About
                            --- Resources

                            --- How to Help

                            --- Contact

                            --- Members

                            --- Blog

                             --- List of Scheduled Events!

                                    *at the bottom of the Home page, this is where you can see dates, times,
                                    and descriptions of future events coming up and register for them!

    This section gives us a history of RMWA, how it started, the Alliance's vision and mission, as well as information on all the wonderful people involved & a comprehensive list of partners that make this Alliance a reality.





    A plethora of links/printables to access for use by wildlife rehabbers, educators and the like.

            * Member Resources - takes you to your member account info page

            * Public Programs sign up - for those interested in having an event hosted by RMWA on various wildlife topics

            * General Handouts - links to our most pertinent handouts for education use (printer-friendly)

            * Podcast - links to RMWA's Podcasts (via PlayerFM) for the busy wildlife professional on the go!




Portal for purchasing the various levels of membership available to join the RMWA, Sponsorships and a hub to fill out a volunteer application for those wanting to get involved!


Donation link is where individuals can to for any and all monetary donations to help support this important cause (supported by PayPal)




Page stating contact phone number, address, and email for RMWA as well as social media links and a fillable form to get in touch with RMWA.




Link to showcase all current members of the RMWA, plus a members-only forum for connecting, networking, and chatting with other members on various topics related to wildlife.




Our home portal to see all of our great information-packed blogs! (Such as this one!)




      * Links to some well-known local and international wildlife organizations, as well as informative links on various topics can be found at the bottom of the Home and Resource pages. These links include things such as:


  - ZAHP Fusion Center

The Zoo and Aquarium All Hazards Preparedness, Response, and Recovery (ZAHP) Fusion Center, currently in its second year, was created to serve as a conduit between the emergency management sector and the greater managed wildlife community. Funded by USDA and operated by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), the ZAHP Fusion Center works with key players in emergency management across the country to connect the managed wildlife community with information on the five critical National Preparedness mission areas: Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery. From <https://www.aza.org/zahp>


- Merck Manual

   (Vet. Resource)

- CDC website



- US Fish & Wildlife Services
   (Link to a homepage of all permits and application forms USFWS provides.)

- Migratory Bird Rehabilitation Permit
  ( Link to the actual PDF application via US Fish & Wildlife Services.)


- Links to other information and licensing information to help get permits





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