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We provide wildlife professionals continuing education, professional development, operational resources, and a professional support network.

We are an inclusive group of professionals and welcome all forms of scientifically proven techniques. We are committed to environmental stewardship, best practices in wildlife rehabilitation, science-based education, and promoting the highest standards throughout the profession and in the community.


Learn anywhere, anytime

Wildlife professionals don't often have the luxury of time when it comes to professional development and continuing education. That's why we have designed our content for the busy wildlife professional, so you can learn while you’re driving to your center, working on reports at your desk, running on the treadmill, making dinner or feeding babies.


We offer continuing education classes both in-person and online. In addition, we have created accompanying handouts and podcasts that complement the classes and can be used internally with staff, volunteers, and interns.

We believe helping wildlife professional experience learning in their preferred format and at their own pace results in better educational outcomes. It is also part of our mission to help make continuing education more affordable and accessible so that more individuals can participate and become even more effective caregivers.