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We help foster a better understanding of wildlife by working directly with the public through educational outreach, enlightenment on the natural world surrounding us, and human-wildlife conflict resolution.

We consider wildlife rescue to be a form of reactive conservation, whereas public outreach and education is a form of proactive conservation. In addition to caring for the wildlife that enters our facility, we aim to take a proactive approach by enlightening the public on how they can contribute to conservation efforts through their own actions, and in their own backyards.

​We offer educational programs geared toward the general public! Educational programs focus on promoting a better understanding of conservation, natural histories, and wildlife rehabilitation. All of our public programs have a specific message of living alongside our wild neighbors and how to do so safely.


All of our programs are customizable and we come to you. We offer presentations, lectures and trainings. Book your program today or let us customize a presentation for you or your group.


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Conservation Connects are initiatives that empower our community to be the change-makers through small-scale, community-based

conservation learning projects.


Conservation Connects aim to  connect our community to wildlife and wild places through outdoor learning initiatives and community projects. Conservation projects include deploying bat boxes and nest boxes, planting native plants, trail and park clean ups, creating pollinator gardens, bug condos, putting in wildlife friendly fences, wildlife water sources, rehabilitation services and more.


Each Conservation Connects project will have a learning component tied to it that involves wildlife rehabilitation and release, coexisting with wild neighbors, and what to do if you encounter a wild animal.

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