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Rocky Mountain Wildlife Alliance evolved out of a clear need. We noticed critical components missing in the field. We observed that there was very little camaraderie or collaboration among the broad spectrum of wildlife professionals. In addition, there was no easy, affordable, local way to participate in continuing education on a regular basis. It is this need that we are passionate about. By drawing on our inherent unconditional love of animals, and our drive to empower and support professionals, we developed the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Alliance.


After nearly two decades devoted to providing care to both pets and wildlife, Emily M. Davenport founded the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Alliance in 2017. She spent eight years working as a veterinary technician for a community animal hospital, and developed and opporated a successful pet care company for 11 years. For over six years, Emily worked in several capacities with the Birds of Prey Foundation, including as Assistant Director and ICU Manager.

Emily currently serves as President of the Board of Directors for Nature’s Educators and Vice President of the Board of Directors for The Echo Wildlife. As a lifelong student of nature and biology, she seeks to unify wildlife professionals in the Rocky Mountain region through community and collaboration.

Emily earned her BFA in Illustration from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, where her focus was on veterinary and medical illustration. A published illustrator and frequent presenter on raptors and rehabilitation, Emily lives in Broomfield, CO, with her husband and their two dogs.

Meet The Team

William Marino

Board President

Devin Jaffe

Vice President

Krista Lightfoot


Our Advisory Committee is made up of wildlife biologists, naturalists, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, wildlife rehabilitators, wildlife educators, and other highly capable and qualified individuals. Our team has the combined knowledge of more than 200 years of experience and it continues to grow!

Advisory Committee

Miranda Sadar, Wildlife Veterinarian, Colorado State University
Jeff Gerlesits, Veterinarian, Homeward Bound Veterinary Hospital
Alison Hazel, Veterinarian, Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation
Jeff Baier, Veterinarian, Planned Pethood Plus
Roger Liehr, Veterinarian, Foothills Animal Hospital
Andrew Orgill, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
Amelia Gazzo, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
Donna Nespoli, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, Colorado Native Bird and Conservation
Sarah Heckathorn, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, CVT
Devin Jaffe, Wildlife Educator, Nature's Educators
Debbie Sykes, Wildlife Educator, Nashville Wildlife Conservation
Andrew Davenport, Director of Marketing and Analysis, All Source Analysis
Ashley Tubbs, Wildlife Biologist
Kristina Kemp, Ecologist and Evolutionary Biologist
Lisa Little, Veterinary Technician
Heather Headly, Veterinary Technician, Deer Creek Animal Hospital
David Neils, Wildlife Conservationist, Wild Nature Media