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 Rocky Mountain Wildlife Alliance evolved out of a clear need, as we noticed critical components missing in our field. We observed that there was very little camaraderie or collaboration among the broad spectrum of wildlife professionals, who each offer deep expertise in different areas that the rest of the community could benefit from. In addition, there was no easy, affordable, or local way to participate in continuing education on a regular basis.  Our passion for providing educational resources and fostering a culture of collaboration among wildlife professionals emerged from these needs.  Through our inherent, unconditional love of animals, our drive to empower and support professionals, and our desire to enlighten the community on the topics of conservation and coexistence, the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Alliance was born.

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After nearly two decades devoted to providing care to both pets and wildlife, Emily M. Davenport, CWR founded the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Alliance in 2017. She has been a veterinary professional for close to 2 decades, serving in multiple small animal and exotic practices. She is a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator with the state of Colorado and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. She is also internationally certified in wildlife rehabilitation by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council—making her one of only 4 people in the state of Colorado with this designation.

Emily’s area of interest and expertise is raptors, with a background in the veterinary field and sound ecological practices, she has worked with raptors as small as Flammulated Owls and as large as California Condors. Emily earned her BFA in Illustration from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, where her focus was on veterinary and medical illustration.


Rocky Mountain Wildlife Alliance volunteers are a dedicated group of individuals, from all walks of life, united by their advocacy for the care and protection of Rocky Mountain wildlife. Volunteers play a vital role in supporting our vision and mission through their passion, commitment, dedication, and knowledge. We welcome volunteers of all backgrounds and experience levels to join our crew.

Rachel Acuña

Board Chair, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Miranda Torkelson

Board Vice Chair, Wildlife Veterinarian, Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator

Barbara Wolfe

Board Member, Wildlife Veterinarian

Samantha Webber

Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, Wildlife Care Specialist

Amelia Gazzo, CWR

Board Secretary, Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator, Certified Veterinary Technician

Mac McIntosh

Board Member, Education Coordinator, Wildlife Care Specialist

Mariah Cool

Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, Wildlife Care Specialist

Cait Philpott-Jones

Wildlife Care Specialist

Viqui Westenhaver

Board Treasurer, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator

Aron Smolley

Board Member, Avian Trainer

Kelsey Nistel

Wildlife Care Specialist

Cookie Steen

Wildlife Care Specialist, Volunteer Coordinator

Gloria Young

Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, Wildlife Care Specialist

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